Boy's breathable waterproof sneaker with an outdoor vibe, outstanding grip and reinforced toe cap and heel counter. New Savage ABX has a non-slip sole pierced with exclusive Geox-patented perforations, making for a breathable and extremely comfortable piece of footwear for the whole time it is being worn. Amphibiox technology means that the waterproof upper is ideal for low temperatures and rainy weather. Additional comfort comes from the cosy lining and insole. The insole is removable for hygienic and practical purposes and also features a lining in felt and aluminium, providing total thermal insulation. The upper has been made in a 

Amphibiox features advanced waterproof technology from the world of professional outdoor wear hidden in the form of a fashionable shoe. Be ready for everything the city throws at you, with Amphibiox, the perfect footwear choice for any condition.

Amphibiox is top of the range in terms of Geox’s waterproof products. It stands out from other waterproof shoes by employing the use of Geox’s pioneering waterproof and breathable sole, pairing it with a series of innovative technologies (including some of Geox’s own patents) on the upper, in order to achieve durable water resistance and breathability.

Geox Savage Military/Royal Waterproof ABX Ankle Boot